My Story

Cattails Woodwork is a small artisan wood studio located in rural PEI, Canada. It is just steps away from our old farmhouse that my husband and I share with 1 Labrador, 3 British Shorthair cats and 3 moggies.

My name is Brenda Watts, I have been designing and working with wood for the last number of years.

In the workshop I make `wooden things` ranging from turned rolling pins and kitchen wares, delightfully comfortable turned stools, beautiful cutting blocks and large serving boards to bench made one of a kind tables, beds, benches and chairs.

To add some whimsy and fun to my job, I love to carve folk art..owls, whales, birds and of course…cats and dogs.

Drafting cattails woodwork

Each piece is skillfully crafted from solid wood to create something that is not only beautiful and soft to the touch but it will last for generations. My belief is that we should buy and use things that are wonderful to both the hand and eye, very functional works that do not have to be replaced, heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations. These special works made from wood bring a warm touch of nature into our lives.
Thank you for visiting my site, please browse and most of all enjoy.
How It Started
I worked at a ‘REAL JOB’ for a long time, commuting each day and I found myself ‘living for weekends’. As time ticked on, I wanted to try something different, sooo I took a huge gulp, quit my job and enrolled full time in Holland College`s Visual Arts Program..Fine Woodworking. It was a 2 year program, I stayed 3..LOVED each and every minute.
Without any previous experience with wood other than my passion for old wooden things, it was quite overwhelming at first, walking into a predominantly man`s world, not even knowing what a drill press was. I learned so very much about wood and the tools [hand & power] the basics of design, joinery and how to do things right, to do your best. It is still a learning process.
After leaving the program, I worked for a master craftsman for 2 years and then built my own studio, building custom furniture and filling wholesale orders to various shops and galleries. That was 11 years ago, since then I have expanded to include studio sales here, as well as creating select pieces for my clients and collectors of my work, and in the past few years have discovered the online world. An unbelievable way to make a living doing what you love, perfect for creatives no matter where you live.
That is how it all started…I took a leap of faith, worked hard and it paid off. I love my job..EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I love the diversity of the work I can now do having my own retail sales and I really love the wonderful contact with the people who buy and use my work. I get amazing feedback and you all give me new ideas for pieces that I may never have thought about. I think that is important, when you live a creative life you need to have relationships with the people who are interested in what you do.
Cattails Woodwork

It seems to bring things full circle..from the forest, to the lumber man, to me and then to you…I can touch all aspects and know that the forests are cared for and the soul of the tree will live on and keep giving in homes around the world……for generations.

You really can bring nature home.