Yes! Muddled Drink Season

Yes! Muddled Drink Season

With the sun showing us some warmth up here on Prince Edward Island I start to stock up on muddlers. The Kentucky Derby is about a month away and the julep folks get ready for Derby Day Mint Juleps. Mojitos are muddled up and sipped on patios with friends over for a long awaited Grilling Party.

Here we look forward to the harvest of early strawberries, raspberries and the August blueberries all so good in a summer cocktail.

Wood makes a beautiful and perfect muddler for yourself, a friends birthday or a welcome hostess gift. All are well sanded with just a natural oil finish, the wood is dense, the very bottom flat with a bit of a curve at the sides to match your glass.


There are so many wonderful recipes out there for muddled fruit cocktails you can be sure to find one perfect for whatever is in season at your local farmers market all summer.

Muddle Up & Enjoy!!

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