For Your Favorite Cookbook

For Your Favorite Cookbook

I bake often, just because I like to. My Grandma Coles, my Mom and her sister Marion were exceptional bakers, along with my sisters and my daughter. We also love to cook from scratch for meals that are served at our tables each day. I have struggled to keep my cookbooks clean and easy to refer to for years why I never thought of a stand for both books and my tablet is beyond me.

These are almost lifechanging while cooking.


Early last summer I was asked to design and make a cookbook stand in a collaboration with Half Baked Harvest for her Holiday Collection. I follow HBH on Instagram and have made so many of her recipes, always good and easy to make so I jumped at the chance.
I was so happy with the response to the stands that I have made another two designs now that the promotion has ended.
I love walnut with the dark tones in the wood so wanted to have one crafted from that. I also wanted a more gender neutral design with the carving also one that would suit a modern clean designed kitchen as well as farmhouse. 


 We have a small river that we visit each day as we take Maya on her daily walks through the woods behind my shop so I carved a textured design to remind me of the familiar flow of the river beneath the stone railway bridge.

Thinking of Mother's Day I wanted a lighter shade of wood and something spring like and floral for the face of the second one. One of my favorite blooms are Craspedia or Billy Buttons and another is Allium that blooms here in my gardens in the late spring. I find it cheery and it is my daughters favorite.

Tablet Cookbook stand, craspedia billy buttons


I took care to keep the look of these light, with a small footprint so they would not take up a lot of space on the counter. The champagne brass accents are so lovely and also lighten up the stand.


As a Mother's Day Gift, Wedding Gift or for a special Cook's Birthday these are perfect. They come packaged in a lovely box with all paper cushioning, no plastic. The shipping also has carbon offsets to help the planet! 



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