Wood Mason Jar Lids , for beautiful Pantry and Open Shelving

Wood Mason Jar Lids , for beautiful Pantry and Open Shelving

A bit ago a lady had asked me to make her some wood lids for mason jars, years ago she had purchased some from a wood turner who has retired and no longer makes them. I thought about it for awhile, put in on my to do list but  after getting my sweet Elite Ball Jars for the board butter  I got to thinking some wood mason jar lids would be beautiful on those jars. I styled the first ones just like the ring itself with the little notches to give a grip and attached the ‘real’ ring on the inside of the turning…love them.

wood lid mason jar, wood canning jar top

 They are so wonderful to use, the wood feels nice when you twist the cover on. A collection is stunning on open shelving with different size jars, I make them in both regular and wide mouth, have also made some deeper ones to fit on my collection of vintage atlas and crown jars.wood mason jar top, wood lids for canning jar

A bit of trial and error when coming up with the best way to go about making them.


turning mason jar lid

Turning the outside profile

There are a few steps…..first you need a wood thickness of about 7/8 ths of an inch. Then after marking the circumference you have to cut out the circle blanks and turn them. I used double sided tape on a false faceplate, secured with my tailstock and turned the outside to the dimension and profile that I wanted.

turning inside of mason jar lid

Using the chuck and jaws to turn the inside to fit the metal ring

Then I put them inside the jaws of my chuck to turn the inside, keeping care to size for a good fit to the outside of the metal ring and the right depth so the metal of the ring will be hidden. I do not like a sloppy fit with space showing around between the ring and the wood, I am weird like that..haha

wood mason jar lidThe top of the lid is carved a bit to give the lid some grip for your hands. The metal ring is attached and then they are oiled with sunflower oil, left for a couple of days to dry and buffed with a topcoat of board butter.


They are wonderful things, so great to dress up a jar of homemade preserves or pickles that you are gifting, they allow you to keep the seal on your jar, just changing the ring. A special gift that can be used for years, I made them in both regular and wide mouth sizes. To ship, I do not have to send the jar which adds to the shipping costs, just the lids.

wood mason jar lid, wood canning jar top, gifts from kitchen

I made the little fired stoneware tags and add them to orders if you are thinking of giving a gift from your kitchen or a ‘food in jar’ gift. I have made some with layers of recipe ingredients in the jar, they were a huge hit and so pretty, I wrote the recipe directions on a nice gift card and tied  it to the jar with twine.wood mason jar lid, canning jar top woodEvery once in a while you make something that suits your own lifestyle and no matter how many you make you still LOVE them . These lids are one of those things, just a wonderful way to use up small pieces of leftover wood from my kitchen boards.  I used to have a large supply of  small scrap wood too beautiful to put in the wood stove, not any more.

wood mason jar top, wood lids for canning jarWonderful housewarming gift for a friend or just to add some warmth to your own kitchen shelving or pantry organization.

I have listed these in my Cattails Shop, you can choose the species of wood and the sizes.

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