Kitchen Boards, a staple.

Kitchen Boards, a staple.

Rustic serving board, walnut breadboard

I am loving  my new bread/serving boards that have been getting packed up and mailed to new homes. My own kitchen has many as you could well imagine and they are well used. I just do not think you can have too many, perfect for breads, fruits and cheeses just to begin a list, they can be used at almost every meal, from counter to table.  The two handled ones are perfect for placing along the center of a dining table or as a star for a rustic buffet style setting, nicely balanced for both looks and to carry a laden tray.



The wood is wonderful that I used for these wide roasted birdseye serving boards, so smooth and rich.

large serving board, wooden curring board,

When not in use they are so fabulous just on the counter bringing some warmth of wood and a bit of vintage french decor to kitchens. The large ones below are crafted with beautiful flame birch. Some folks will cut on one side and serve on the other. I love the look of a well used board and do not mind the marks from heavy use.

french breadboards, wood serving boards



These rustic breadboards have been a star all summer for personalized wedding gifts, couple gifts and many soon to be brides have opened a gift with one at her wedding shower. A few have had the honor of a wedding cake sitting on it.

rustic personalized wedding gift servin board

The walnut ones are so rustic yet beautiful, I am not sure which ones are my favorites..I so enjoy putting the finish on them and buffing them to a soft sheen, love, love these boards.

Walnut breadboard wedding shower gift


A bucket full!!

rustic serving boards, carved personalized wedding present

Every once in a while I will give mine a wash with lemon juice and recoat with some board butter just to keep them looking great. I include a small jar with every board I ship. All these boards are listed in my store, ready to be packed and shipped for the upcoming holidays , perhaps for a Thanksgiving Table.


The beautiful photographs of my boards are the work of the fabulous Heather Ogg, a stylist and photographer right here on PEI. So lucky to have found her at Heather Ogg Photography ,she has saved my sanity and given my work a life of it’s own on the web.


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