Wood Pantry Jar Lids, Food in Jars

Wood Pantry Jar Lids, Food in Jars

I am a mason jar lover and after I made the wood lids for those jars it made me think that if wood lids look so great on the mason jars, they would also be fabulous on the large pantry jars. I had just put some open shelving in my kitchen and had some large jars to try it out. Looks fantastic, my shelves are live edge tiger maple..still pondering on painting chalkboard behind them, might be too much.anchor hocking wood jar lid, wood pantry jar  cover


Anchor Hocking Cracker Jars are available in four sizes and in most stores from Bed Bath and Beyond to Target and Walmart. I made some to fit each of the sizes, they are fabulous, with the wider shoulder on these jars the wood looks so great. I love these jars because they are made in the US, the glass has sort of bubbles and imperfections that make the jars look old..the wood gives them some class. The mouth of these jars is wide enough to dip your measuring cup or scoop right in, they are sweet jars. this is a great time of year to clean out your pantry, organize it and get the dry goods into a sealable jar.


A perfect jar for presenting a handmade gift from your kitchen, after the yummies are long gone the wood and glass jar will stay in use. They were featured in the Nov-Dec issue of Taunton Press’  FINE COOKING Magazine with homemade granola in their Gift from The Kitchen article.

anchor hocking wood jar lid, wood pantry jar cover

The Kitchn just featured the lids in Faith’s Daily Finds, I am so thrilled that folks love these as much as I do. They really add something special to an inexpensive utilitarian object. Every morning as I make porridge and take one from the shelf full of my rolled oats I just can’t help but smile.

anchor hocking wood jar lid, wood pantry jar cover

Wonderful photos by Heather Ogg Photography

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