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Wood Pantry Jar Lids

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Glass Jars on open shelving or in a pantry are a big kitchen trend and I have to admit I LOVE it. You can store all your goods and stay organized at the same time.

These are lids for the American made glass cracker jars from Anchor Hocking. The are available at Target, bed bath & beyond, Walmart..just to name a few shops. Of course I had to add some wood and class up the style of these great jars.

I am just selling the lids, the cost of shipping jars would be more than the cost of each jar..

Made to order, for the 2 quart and the gallon the metal lid will be attached, the wood can be attached to the lid for the 32 ounce with a small amount of silicone, I cannot source the lids in the 32 ounce size unfortunately.


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