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Mojito Muddler

A beautiful Muddler turned from dense tiger maple for the mashing or 'muddling' of fresh fruit.... mint for cocktails. This is small enough to 'muddle in a glass and long enough for doing a 'pitcher' when entertaining friends. Unbeatable for Mojito's, the wood muddler being known as the 'best' by bartenders.

Sanded and re-sanded to a soft sheen with a food safe finish, grain will not be raised when in contact with liquids.

Makes a wonderful hostess gift or an add on for a great bottle of spirits.

12 in. long x 1.5 in dia

NOTE: The Muddler shown is an example. Yours will be crafted from the same species of beautifully figured wood, being a one woman show I cannot take a photo of every one I make. Each and every one is an original, turned and finished by hand, one at a time, by me. The muddler you will receive will be just as lovely as the one pictured here, I source only the best of figured wood.

Set of Muddler & Board
Muddler Only

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