Biscuit Stick

For perfect biscuits !! My husband is an huge lover of biscuits and am a big fan of Chef Michael Smith who lives not far from us here on PEI, he has a fantastic recipe for Frozen Butter Biscuits where he recommends stirring the milk into your bowl with the handle of a wooden spoon instead of a fork or the proper end of a spoon. I tried the upside down spoon and being a wood turner made up some of these..super nice to hold and the longer length allows you to gently stir the mixture easily.

They WORK really well !! Much slimmer than my spurtles and longer. I use mine for lots of things from baking to stirring custards.

Also really great for stirring a pitcher of summer drinks when entertaining.

1 inch diameter x 13 or 15 inches long
Finished with food safe sunflower oil pure beeswax

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