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Cookbook Stand for Ukraine

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I have two friends, badass sisters whose grandparents chose to make Canada their home after leaving Ukraine after the war. They are phenomenal cooks both of them, food plays such an important part of their gatherings.

This stand is crafted from solid black walnut with heavy champagne gold hardware and carved detail. A bit of a natural form, looks beautiful on the counter when not in use. I  walk Maya across the old railway bridge over the river behind my shop each day, lately thinking of the courage of the Ukrainian people, holding them close to my heart.

Natural non toxic finish that shows the beautiful colors in the walnut.

12 x 9 x 3.75 deep

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal delivers support to Ukrainians

Over $6 million in aid delivered

March 24, 2022. Over $6 million in humanitarian aid and support has now been delivered to the Ukrainian people by the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation & Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Over $1 million in support has been delivered in the last week.

Since Russia launched a full-out assault on Ukraine on February 24, aid has been delivered to some of the hardest-hit cities in the north, east, and south of Ukraine. We are withholding more specific information due to security concerns.

The Humanitarian Appeal has also delivered aid to Ukrainian displaced persons in Romania and Moldova. CUF is working with more than a dozen organizations and projects to help alleviate the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing information about the organizations, programs, and projects that your generous donations are supporting.

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