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The Doorstop, sometimes simple just works!

January 10, 2015

The Doorstop, sometimes simple just works!


I have a habit of making things that serve a purpose in a home so enter the lowly door stop or wedge. We live in a very old farmhouse and when a breeze blows in the open windows during warmer weather, the doors will slam shut without warning.  These were my solution for the problem and they continue to be a favorite with folks.

doorstop, door wedge,


At first I would make them with various designs on the ends but the acorns were always the first to go so nowadays I  just simply turn the acorn ends. Still love these little things and always enjoy taking a day or two to make up a bunch, a super way to use up small scraps of lovely wood that would normally end up in a box of kindling for the wood stove.

Handcrafted acorn doorstop , cattails woodwork


The textured side will grip a rug or carpet and a bit of cork on the smooth side will keep them in place on a wood floor, although here they stay in place on my old pine floors as well as the hardwood just fine without.

Handcrafted acorn doorstop , cattails woodwork


Many who travel often purchase one or two for themselves and as gifts for friends, they are added security under a hotel room door, small and easy to keep in your suitcase. One favorite couple who come to my studio each summer purchase a supply to tie on larger gifts with beautiful jute ribbon as ‘useable’ decoration, so rustic and natural. They are available in my Etsy Shop both single and in pairs with your choice of wood species, the ones in the photos are roasted Birdseye Maple.

Handcrafted acorn doorstop , cattails woodwork


One of my promises for 2015 is to write a post a week especially now that things are slower after the hectic holidays, I made my first for the New Year easy..thank you for reading and Happy New Year !!


Thank you also to Heather Ogg Photography for the lovely shots ….

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